Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cheating and stealing

Since I'm such a slacker and I'm sick of talking about how much weight I'm gaining or the latest cute / annoying things the Shadow is doing, I decided instead to cheat; stealing Brooker Fraser's song Betty as my thought vomit aka blog post.

Lately while listening to songs I've heard hundreds of times, I've realised that I haven't actually listened to them properly. A few days ago it was Warning Sign by Coldplay. Today it was Betty by Brooke Fraser (and quit your laughing...FYI: The Breeze is not the only radio station I listen to).

The first verse and chorus:
You got a quick snap-lock on your cold, cold heart
You got your Y.S.L. kicks and a red birthmark
In the shape of Canada
That you try to keep a secret
You've got your scars and you've got your birthmarks
You've got Toronto hiding on your hip, honey
You've got your secrets
You've got your regrets
Darling, we all do

I am one to dwell on past mistakes and regrets. Too busy trying to justify and redeem, instead of learning and moving on. Somewhere inside is the me who is "hidden by my expectations".

It's a big, scary world out there. Stepping out of the skin that we wear for the world, and displaying what really lies inside, warts and all, is risky. I hope for the courage to do that. And the grace to allow others to do the same.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dedication to my x

This week I welcomed a new baby into my life. Hold the congratulations, I refer not to a human one, but to... HTC One X!

A what, you say? Check out the pics below. I never thought I would ever say this, but I'm in love with my x (ha!)

My X
Back view. With beats audio (what's that? beats me. oh!)

Oh yea, and that's my other baby, Lali the ballerina butterfly at dancing class earlier today.

Wow, what an intriguing and well written post. Not.