Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's no secret I hate those "inspirational" / "motivational" fitness quote and memes. Most of the ones I see are gung-ho and make no sense, and it doesn't help that the accompanying photo is usually of a virtually naked tight-bodied cow bitch woman.

But one has caught my eye which I like. A lot. It's logical and (against all odds) actually motivates me during that pivotal decision making point. The same point each day, to be exact, i.e. should I exercise today or not? Lol.

So for the immense help on my quest to get some kind of hotness back into this weary baby-production-retiree body, I give a shout out to none other than our very own (yea, I'll claim him on behalf of Samoa) Robert Louis Stevenson. Thanks Bobby. Today's Tabata session goes out to you!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The mother-in-law is visiting from Samoa. While she was playing with La and her train set yesterday, I overheard things I don't usually hear around young kids' playtime ...

La: "Choo-choo! Let's race the trains around the track."
[train derails]
La: "Oh no! We've got an accident. Ambulance!!"
MIL: "Oh no, there is only one person alive. Everyone else is dead!" [cracks up laughing]
La: "AMBULANCE! Help!"
MIL: "They're all dead!"

I'm pretty sure I heard wrong.

La: "Let's start the race again."
[train derails]
La: "Oh no! Another accident. Ambulance! Doctor!"
MIL: "There is no doctor available. The doctors are all drunk."

Oh, ok. Maybe I didn't hear wrong.

Thankfully we didn't have any little friends over for a playdate. Imagine the gems they would have taken home with them. Lol.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Ello poppet

I am back from the depths of childbirth! (Yay)

What a bloody hard last couple of months.

Had a baby, had my whole fam descend on our place for the Christmas week, then immediately after had the folks-in-law staying (still to depart).

I have forgotten what a good sleep feels like. Or what having a relatively okay body feels like.

So I've signed myself onto myfitnesspal and started religiously tracking my eating in the (futile) attempt to regain some sort of acceptable body shape and functionality. Which means I'm hungry a lot. Lol.

Actually, the truth is, as easy as it would be for me to starve for weight loss, breastfeeding demands proper nutrition. The baby dictates everything. How I eat, when I sleep, when to pull my boobs out, when I can interact with other humans. I can't even deal.

So in summary, I'm now a hungry fat milk zombie with no income (i.e. no sense of control ... lol), living life one 3 1/2 hour feeding interval at a time. Goooood luck.