Thursday, January 30, 2014


It's no secret I hate those "inspirational" / "motivational" fitness quote and memes. Most of the ones I see are gung-ho and make no sense, and it doesn't help that the accompanying photo is usually of a virtually naked tight-bodied cow bitch woman.

But one has caught my eye which I like. A lot. It's logical and (against all odds) actually motivates me during that pivotal decision making point. The same point each day, to be exact, i.e. should I exercise today or not? Lol.

So for the immense help on my quest to get some kind of hotness back into this weary baby-production-retiree body, I give a shout out to none other than our very own (yea, I'll claim him on behalf of Samoa) Robert Louis Stevenson. Thanks Bobby. Today's Tabata session goes out to you!

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