Thursday, January 23, 2014


The mother-in-law is visiting from Samoa. While she was playing with La and her train set yesterday, I overheard things I don't usually hear around young kids' playtime ...

La: "Choo-choo! Let's race the trains around the track."
[train derails]
La: "Oh no! We've got an accident. Ambulance!!"
MIL: "Oh no, there is only one person alive. Everyone else is dead!" [cracks up laughing]
La: "AMBULANCE! Help!"
MIL: "They're all dead!"

I'm pretty sure I heard wrong.

La: "Let's start the race again."
[train derails]
La: "Oh no! Another accident. Ambulance! Doctor!"
MIL: "There is no doctor available. The doctors are all drunk."

Oh, ok. Maybe I didn't hear wrong.

Thankfully we didn't have any little friends over for a playdate. Imagine the gems they would have taken home with them. Lol.

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