Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Y'already know

I'm back. It's been a long time coming. To all the haters out there, just keep on calling.

Etcetera, etcetera, along with many more failed attempts at being a G.

Different year, same me? Well, duh. I haven't bumped my head or developed multiple personalities since I was here last (that I know of).

Some housekeeping notices:

- I have changed my blog name and background. Why? Because I'm old. With age comes wisdom and wisdom told me that my blog name and background was stank. Gasp! How rude! So anyway, out with the old and in with the new and all that sorta stuff. And also, I love big bookshelves and books and yes, I'm old. And yes, I would love to build my house soon just so I can have a library, with built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves across whole walls. Aaaaahhh...

- I will be ranting randomly still. Unfortunately, wisdom gapped it after the above revelation, so my writing style is still kind of the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid. Kinda. (Thanks T.I. for the borrowed lyrics).

- I've moved houses, so for all of you out there who are meaning to send donuts (again, no comment from wisdom on donut consumption) I'm happy to provide the address :) I love how donuts became a fashionable food just when I decided to try "clean eating". Universe, watchu tryna say?

OK, I'm outtie. Looking forwarding to "journeying with you" and "partnering with you" and all that fluffy stuff.