Monday, October 8, 2012

It don't matter if you're black or white

Today at the supermarket, I was drooling over the chocolates that were not on my diet list, when the cutest little preschool-aged boy tugged on my dress and said "Mummeee, I want some this" pointing to some lollies.

Poor kid must not only have been lost, but he might have lost his colour sight. He was a blondie blue-eyed palagi. And I am ... well ... not.

Happy ending: his parents were nearby...cracking up at his mistake from the fruit section. Sounds about right though: fob in the chocolate aisle, palagi parents in the fruit and vege aisle. I don't know how on earth this kid mistook me for his mother.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Til we meet

I came across this post today, and blog hopping activities were halted while I had a little cry, which surprised me since it's been over a year now.

Til we meet, little wing who flew away too soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Word on the street is you can't beat Wellington on a good day. Make that a couple of good days, and it becomes a sweet weekend.

Time For Dancing, a little wander around Cuba Mall, indulging in the best sushi and best pizza in town, Butler's Chocolate Cafe dessert, a 40th birthday at the pub, and a cowboy themed 4th birthday. As Taylor Swift says, "Like, it's exhausting!" And we didn't even make it to the Botanic Gardens to see the blooming tulips. Oh the stresses of life.

Dancing comes first

Cuba mall stroll

Some window displays for World of Wearable arts (WOW) awards on this weekend
Mouth full of chocolatey goodness @ Butler's Chocolate cafe

Now come the photos from the 4th birthday party. These parents put a lot of thought and attention to detail to getting the cowboy theme of the party through! Makes my efforts look pitiful. And these are only the photos of the food. They made a tee pee from scratch, and had the place decorated up as well. A+ for effort. We're definitely keeping this friend. Lol!

Home made tee-pee cake

"Eagle Wings" and "Gold Nuggets"

Look at that! So cute, right?

More food!

Thanks for visiting :)