Saturday, March 26, 2011

Samoa withdrawal

We are back in Wellington, after spending a short 5 days in Samoa to be at the wedding of Pati's only sister and sibling, Susana.

What a whirwind trip.

Day 1 - Learning how to breathe again in the hot and humid weather, and trying to get over the drowsiness and dehydration. Long catch up chinwag with the sisters. McPeanut's for dinner.

Day 2 - First venture into town, checking out the crazy potholes in the road and the confusing directions or lack thereof at the "road works". Wedding shopping tasks, airport pick up, wedding planning. Hen's night. And to finish off - late night snack of taro and the world's best oka.

Day 3 - More wedding shopping, catch up lunch with friends, wedding rehearsal and other general wedding prep tasks. Food pick of the day - taro and 'sea'.

Day 4 - Last minute crazy running around. Pinati's Saturday Soup Special (yumness!!). Then fun!

Day 5 - Rare down time just hanging with the newlyweds. Last catch up with the sisters at McDonald's (the only place open on Sunday!). Then big family feast, with oka, pua'a and faiai fee.

Then sadly it was time for goodbye again. Now I am in that awkward phase where I am longing to go back, but at the same time relieved to be in the comfort of my own house again...missing family, but thankful to spend quality time with my own little family.

Looking forward to going back again, whenever that may be. No matter where I roam, Samoa will always be home.

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