Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bad romance

This post was initially an anti-Valentine's rant. Instead of that though, I will just share a true and (very) short story of my favourite Valentine's Day.

Once upon time there was a girl who went to Canterbury Uni. She met a hot boy there, and together they wagged classes, ate heaps of Chinese food and watched every movie released at the cinemas. When Valentine's Day rolled around, they had been together for over half a year (round about, they hadn't kept track so they also had no anniversary day as such). The girl did not expect to receive anything. She didn't believe in the Valentine's Day hype. The boy also wasn't too hot on this day, but perhaps he felt he had to get something for this girl, because he bought her red roses and a little teddy bear. When she received them, the girl was surprised but pleased. Then he followed up with the line that completed the awesomeness of the moment, and convinced her that he was the one for her. "Do you like them? I bought them using your EFTPOS card." 

The boy and girl got married and lived ... well, they lived, and still are. Living, that is.

The End.

And Gaga thought she could write a bad romance...ha!

P.S. The girl won't be buying the boy anything this Valentine's Day (following the tradition of all the previous ones), but she loves him truly, madly, deeply. Especially deeply.


perpetual-drifter said...

HAHAHAHA! Good one :)

kuaback said...

good one Rock Fob..hehehe