Thursday, March 22, 2012

Still not a book groupie

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting in person for the first time Lani Wendt Young. Exciting! Seriously, that was not sarcasm (for once).

Mental notes in the 24 hour lead up:

  • Remember to remove facial hair. Seems a bit silly, as some people tend to "landscape" as they go (thanks to my sister for the term) but I usually forget about things like that until there is an upcoming event, and I look in the mirror and go "Holy smokes, there's a dude that looks just like me!" So yes, note to self: do the mo.
  • Remember not to say anything silly
  • Remember not to hide in the corner and then sneak out without even saying hello
  • Research parking spaces close to the Vic Uni library

Mental notes post event:

  • Yikes, I still have my mo! And someone took a photo too! KMN.
  • I definitely babbled when I finally got to meet Lani. Most definitely. Did I really say such stupid thin? Ugh. KMN.
  • Yay, I got an autographed Galu Afi book!
  • OMG, I gave Lani a hug! Lani prefers her personal space. Oh wait, so do I! Oh no, what have I done?
  • Did I spit while I was talking? I'm sure I did. Oh dear. KMN.
  • I think the young uni guys at the back might have been mocking me. Lol. At one point, I was sitting right at the back with them because I had to answer a call (the mobile phone kind, not the one from nature). So I was sitting there all serious, listening to the presentation and nodding, and laughing loudly at the jokes. Meanwhile, they were all joking, poking, texting, etc, and probably thinking, "Check out this sneeeerious dude."
  • There was a lot of talk about and comparison to Twilight. I tactfully kept my mouth shut. Lol!
  • Lani did mention "Hunger Games" once and I very nearly cheered. And did plenty of other geeky things (coz the list could easily get very long).
  • I stood in the line that led to Lani's signing desk. Instead of running away. Amazing, right? I'm proud of myself.
  • Lani is not really a hermit (liar liar pants on fire!). She had no mo (like, who would have one anyway?). She didn't stutter or stammer or whisper when speaking. She didn't go bananas when the student panel pointed out "discrepancies" in the TELESA book. She wore hot heels. She gave hugs. And she smelt lovely. (Ok that last one sounds a tad disturbing and stalkery, d'oh!). She was really more Nafanua-esque than hermit. Thank goodness I at least did my eyebrows, or the photo that was taken of us would have been just downright unfair.

The biggest question on everyone's lips was, of course, "When is Book 2 'When Water Burns' be out?". To keep updated on all things TELESA, you can follow Lani's blog or her Facebook page. Go do it, you never know when there will be a special price, giveaways and even limited time free copies available!

This was not a paid endorsement of TELESA or Lani Wendt Young. However, any payments / donations (from anyone really) will be accepted (and then given back, as per Samoan custom, but you have to give it back, and it could back and forth a few times, but the end result is that I get to keep the donation. Got it? Thanks)


lilidonna said...

Grinning, laughing then grinning again! Yeah she's totes a Nafanua :) Oh and good call on keeping quiet during Twilight talk. Learnt that lesson the hard way lol

kuaback said...

cracking me up look great btw..yes saw Lani's it girl..

Lani Wendt Young said...

I have a blog complaint - i made a comment on this post two weeks ago and its not here! Did u delete me?! *sniff sniff*. I didnt even say anything x-rated. I did say - YOU LIE Sina. Because Im sure that I did NOT smell nice at all. All that climbing up hills and stairs and carrying boxes wearing stupid shoes made me very sweaty and nasty. Thank you for being such a good friend that you would not point out the bad stuff! Oh, and ohmigosh did I not get SCHOOLED by people with their eagle eyes picking out discrepancies in the book. Ouch. I was taking lots of notes so i can go back and fix all these things. I loved the opp to meet you in person. Thank you for coming out in rain and wind and fog.

jo_an said...

:) loved reading your post! I was laughing with you and not at you :) and don't worry I too felt like i did way too many 'odd' things when i got to meet lani. but she's awesome so i'm sure she didn't notice my 'not so coolness' as much as i did.