Monday, November 18, 2013


Is it bad that as Ant's due date draws near, I am getting extremely worried about:

  • making sure my hair is constantly "maintained" (facial and elsewhere *ahem*)
  • making sure my nails are "did"
  • what I will wear should I decide to jump in the pool for a water birth
  • how to keep my straightened hair dry while having a water birth
  • what I will wear should I decide not to have a water birth
  • what I will wear for my first post-birth photo
  • (I think you get the gist of it...)

Maybe it keeps me sane and distracts from the upcoming pain.

Or maybe I'm just vain.

I am getting excited though. Looking forward to seeing my boy and finally staying home from work and getting my normal bikini bod back. Guffaw!

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Lani Wendt Young said...

No way. Is totally normal and sign that you are fantabulous woman! When I was carrying the Beast, I had to go live in hospital for 6 weeks before an emergency C-section finally happened in dead of night. How did I occupy my days during those 6 waddling weeks? Giving myself French manicures. And straightening my hair. Every day. Because I suspected a dire emergency could occur at any moment. (And I was right)Either way, I was suitably distracted AND I had such great nails that the nurses would ask me to please do their nails...teach them how to do a French manicure.