Thursday, December 11, 2014


This feels like some kind of voyage journal.

This is week 27. The seas have been rough. Food supplies are running low but the crew are in high spirits. Lol.

Anyway, this is week 27. What has happened?
  • We found out Spock the Speck is a girl. She is still Spock though, because why can't she be? Boys can wear tutus and girls can wear pants and we'll soon be zooming around in hovercrafts, right? (Huh)
  • Spock is active. Make that super active. Super hyper active. I go to bed to the beat of her kicking, and wake up to it. Whether I'm sitting or lying down, moving around or completely still, she kicks. The midwife reckons movement is a good sign. Yet in the back of my mind I wonder ... is this much movement really good? Ka'ilo. Maybe she's hungry. Or maybe she's saying please stop eating I'm running out of space in here. Bossy kid. Typical girl.
  • We went to Samoa for a couple of weeks. It was ... an adventure. Travelling with two young kids and one on the way, and not having the other parent to help on both flights to and from ... it near drove me mad. It was definitely not a "holiday". But it was home. And it was with my whole family, and we hadn't been together in Samoa for over a decade. So I guess that means it was good, right?
  • We are going to Fiji over New Year's. That's right, I get to do the whole travelling with kids and forming kid thing all over again, because I loved it so much the first time (refer above). Here's a handy hint: When you make big plans like book and pay for 2 international trips for your family in one year, do yourself a favour and use contraception.
  • I'll be over 30 week preggo while in Fiji. Oh Lord please don't let me give birth there. Not meaning anything negative towards the Fijian health system. I am just a super paranoid OCD type, and I need to give birth in Wellington Hospital with my own midwife, or else. Hear that, Spock? Or else!
  • McDonald's now have $1 Frozen Cokes ... a bit late to the party as Burger King has had that deal for years now. I don't know why I thought it was relevant to mention that here. Hmmm.
Ok, long boring update done. I promise the next post will be stimulating and quirky. Lol. Yea, if I got someone else to write it for me. Any volunteers? Be a darl and swing by KFC on the way over and get us a Wicked Wings lunch pack as well. Kisses!


Fotu said...

omg, so reading that post felt like an out of body experience because you are going through the same ish with all the movement, travelling (lol @ use contraception) and paranoia @ giving birth somewhere other than where you planned to. ALSO I totally hit up McD's for the frozen spirtes & KFC for the wicked wings, ya know, just because.

Good luck with preggo journey & travels, I hope you find a good kids club so you can get some of that good good "nobody bother me" time!


Thuan Nguyen said...

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