Tuesday, April 26, 2011


No, I haven't learnt to cook Malaysian food yet. It is, however, one of my favourites. My love for Malaysian food was birthed in a tiny restaurant called Sri Pinang on K'Road. It quickly became a favourite and regular lunchtime catchup venue. I highly recommend it!

So tonight after work, while wandering the aisles of the supermarket for motivation to cook, I suddenly had a very bad craving for some Malaysian. What happened next was a blur...my fingers dialled the bank (woohoo, positive balance!), then dialled the number for KK Malaysian restaurant, our current favourite Malaysian restaurant in Wellington, based on taste, portion size and cost. I heard my voice making a takeaway order. "...pickup in 15 minutes?"

So here is what we had for dinner - some of my favourites (these aren't actual photos I took...we were way too hungry and the food smelled too good and therefore disappeared before it even crossed my mind to take photos).

Roti canai

Char kway teow

Sambal chicken

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Adeleina said...

YUM! The food, and the fact that it is Malaysian! Hahaha nice.