Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crazy little thing called love

"When love calls, how sudden the fall
 But falling's the easiest part"
- Bic Runga

The love of a nation for a rugby team. Love that causes a massive outbreak of some unknown illness in Samoa, resulting in an all-time high record of people staying home, and the more serious cases referred to New Zealand ... to Hamilton, to be precise. You know of what I speak.

Manu Samoa played against Wales, in a match we all hoped, prayed, wished, and (let's be honest) assumed they would win. It was not to be. We played well. Wales played better.

Social networking sites exploded with blame, accusations, and rants of a hurting people. The following day was a Monday. I was unable to take sick leave (which rightfully should have been bereavement leave...I was suffering from a loss), but being forced to go to work allowed me to take a harden-up pill and move on.

Several days on, I think the rest of the country has healed too. The Manu's open training session in Auckland was still full, the people still showing love. Of course, there are still hater groups targeting certain players, but haters are gon' hate, and players are gon' play.

Love has its ups (remember the Wallabies game?) and downs. But love is unconditional. So despite a big hit to the pride and ego, I know that come the weekend, we will be back. Forgive me, Manu, for my anger. I am back, and ready to partake in your victory over Fiji.


Coconut Girl said...

Hahaha in other words, I love you Manu but you better win against Fiji or shizzles gonna hit the fan haha. Oh how high our expectations have been set ever since that Wallabies game. That was what made victory ever sweeter that day - the fact that NO ONE expected Samoa to beat Wallabies. And now that they have, we think we can win the bloody world cup lol.

I'm not on FB much these days (in case you hadn't noticed lol) so I'm oblivious to all the hate updates etc. I mean, ok, Tasesa really did stuff up, but let's get over it already...everyone has a shite game every now and then (even when it counts). Let's pray for the best this weekend!

perpetual-drifter said...

hi RockFob! enjoy your blog! have added it to my page, hope that's ok :)


Bina said...

CG - you summed it up nicely. Lol! Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.

PD - welcome :) glad you enjoy the blog. All comments welcome, except one about the holocaust :P I do enjoy your blog too (secret

Laura said...

"haters are gon' hate, and players are gon' play...."

I can't believe those were your words. haha!