Saturday, September 10, 2011

TELESA: The Covenant Keeper

By Lani Wendt Young

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Why there’s a lot of Fire in this Book

I’m thrilled to be a guest on Rock Fob’s site today – the very first stop on the Telesā Book Blog Tour. Two months ago, I saw a photo of star Samoan rugby player Ezra Taylor for the first time, right here on RockFob’s blogsite. I was intrigued. Why? Because I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen Ezra before…

Striding through the pages of the TELESA book. Dancing the Samoan slap dance. Training on a Samoa College rugby field. Smiling with those laughing, dancing eyes. I went back and double checked the TELESA book…

Excerpt from TELESA: The Covenant Keeper. Daniel walked out onto the stage which had been set to represent a forest clearing. There was a pool in its center, ringed by burning flares, and a cluster of rocks was where he would sit. He wore only a brief piece of siapo fabric tied at the hips. His burnished chest was bare save for the single bone carving that hung around his neck. His whole body gleamed with glistening coconut oil and his tattoos spoke their story clearly in the moonlight. He was the noble warrior of every myth and legend and there was a hushed breath of awe before the audience rippled with applause, the more feisty among them whistling and catcalling. ‘Woohoo! Go Daniel! Work it, baby, work it!’

I compared the descriptions with the photographic evidence. And then I was certain. Ezra and Daniel were one and the same. (Or at least, they were very closely related!)

As TELESA: The Covenant Keeper  takes flight into the world, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, the first reason why there’s a lot of fire in this book. Say hello to:


Thank you Sina for the opportunity to visit your blog. And a huge thank you for helping us to find ‘Daniel’.

Everyone, would you like to read Daniel’s story for yourself? You have the opportunity to win a FREE electronic copy of TELESA: The Covenant Keeper  right here on RockFob! Leave a comment and be in to win. Why do you think Ezra Taylor is a great cover-model for Daniel?


Anonymous said...

love this!

Aitah said...

First and foremost... Lani, one word... "WOW! Absolutely fell in love with Daniel! He's every Samoan girl's dream. (Or mine at least) On the inside, he's in tune with his culture and takes pride in being Samoan, he's respectful, smart, confident, protecting and caring. On the outside, he's blessed with physical features that is the product of his mixed PolyCasian (Polynesian & Caucasian..just made that up LOL) ethnicity.

While Lani was writing this book, I am sure that Ezra came to her either in her dreams or in one of God's little winks. In passing maybe somewhere in the past. They may have been eating dinner in the same restaurant, or shopped in the same grocery store or took the same flight between Samoa and New Zealand. I truly believe that it was meant for the two to meet, and for you Bina to play a huge part in their meeting!

Here's a cheer for Lani, Ezra and you Bina! :) Here's a cheer for "Telesa: The Convenant Keeper"! Hip hip hoooooraaaaayyy!!!

Excuse me.. have to get back to my book! I only put it down to post this message! LOL

Lani Wendt Young said...

Thank you again RockFob for having me over to visit your blog! Aitah, wow, Im thrilled that you are loving the character of Daniel in the book. The one thing I almost feel sorry for 'Daniel' about - that he kind of gets a raw deal at the final chapter...ouch. And more ouch...But in Bk Two, we will defn get to see more of him in fight mode...shhhh. (Stop it Lani! Sorry, i cant keep my mouth shut when it comes to talking about whats happening with the characters in bk 2 that Im finishing right now...)
As for Ezra, Im very grateful that he could make his time available to model for the book. When i was considering who to have as cover material, it was very impt to me that it be someone who was a positive role model (as well as 'look the part') Thanks Ezra.

Goddess said...

omg - I have a crush on Daniel and I haven't even met him! thank you for bringing him into my life (: seki a le sexy o le tama lea!

Anonymous said...

Just got my copy of Telesa so cant be sure if Ezra Taylor is spot on model for this Daniel person. But based on these photos? I can say that Ezra can do the siva for me anytime. So yes, Team ezra - I mean- Team Daniel all the way.

Anonymous said...

Oka - the photos? Makua bonus lava! He's a beautiful creature that Mr Taylor. Just as I imagined Daniel, hahaha.

OMGeek Girl

Reenie said...

Besides the obvious eye candy factor...he is absolutely sexier if you follow him on twitter. How in love he is and not afraid to show it. Come on now, every girls dream! Awesome job on the pick for Daniel.

SweetLips said...

Ohhh goshh!!! I havent gotten a chance to actually sit down and have an uninterrupted chance to fully embrace "Telesa" yet but from the images of Daniel (Ezra), tis rather embarrasing what my imagination has conjured up so far! *fans myself* lol Congrats to Ezra for scoring the face of Daniel, and ginormous kudos to Lani for finally putting out a Polynesian book of the like up there!!!

Christine said...

Hmmm personally , I don't think Ezra fits tha bill .. I mean , if a warrior is what you're after , I suggest a guy with tha traditional Samoan pe'a .. Tha soga'imiti .. It represents leadership , bravery and service .. Just a thought ..