Monday, November 14, 2011


Warning: This post contains bad grammar and rude language that will most likely offend and may cause vomiting. Read with caution.

I'm on a bit of a dictionary buzz (in case you couldn't tell). Here are my definitions for a few slang terms/spelling offenses I have seen young folks use on social networking sites.

baby; usually used in reference to an infant child or a gal pal (female friend)
Usage: Waju doin bebe?

a female dog; also used to refer to an unsavoury female character
Usage: OMG she is such a bij!

believe (to be used by those allergic to the letter "E")
Usage: I gant biliv she said that.

can't; can not
Usage: (Refer to biliv above)

church; a place of worship (where there is hopefully fervent praying for forgiveness for such horrendous language sins)
Usage: Me and my bebe are getting ready for jurj.

muj luv
much love. (seriously, if you have any love for humanity, you would stop writing/typing muj luv)
Usage: Muj luv to my gurls, mwah mwah.

a big juicy lip kissy sound, used to convey affection
Usage: (Refer to muj luv above)

Oh My [insert any word starting with G], for example "goofiness", "goodness", "golfballs", etc; used to express disbelief
Usage: (Refer to bij above)

short form of "What are you up to?"; to be used by those who have either lost both thumbs in a shark/dog attack or labour employment accident, or those who have severe ADD (to the point where they lack the mental capability to concentrate on stringing a six word sentence together)
Usage: up2?

What The [insert any word starting with F], for example "fridge", "fudge", "froglegs", etc; used to express complete and utter bewilderment
Usage: WTF is wrong these kids and their spelling???!!

I may regret asking this, but do you have any "favourites" that I've missed out on? *puke*


Pusi nofo said...

Yup (hehehe) I have some I've seen that are shockers - not even sure why they write/type/spell these words the way they do as it usually contains as many, and sometimes more letters that the actual word!!

Eht - it

wbu - what about you (I picture someone with numb swollen lips pronouncing that! lol

awolah - auola

ekk - egg

uce - god help me - I think they mean Uso? I cringe when I hear/read this, especially if a female is using it *sigh*

ekaf - I'm not even gonna translate that one - it's disgusting and doesn't make it any less a horrible word to use!

Buht - but

boyc - boys

OMGosh (lol) the list goes on....

Anonymous said...

OMG I ROFL an much mwah mwah luff this post! ....

So glad to see youre back on the blog wagon. I need to get back on as well. Blog on sister and i will try to run and catch up.

Mwah mwah, me.

lilidonna said...

Oopsies. I'm a pretty bad oh-em-gee-er. The others though, I can honestly say are abhorrent.

Hilare postyna!

Gogs xo

Bina said...

ROFLYSST!! (I hope I got that one right). Welcome back, my favouritest superstar romance author.

How could I forget "uce"?? Oh. Em. Gee. I think that has to be my worstest.

I am a notorious OMG-er myself actually. but it actually makes some kind of sense.

I can't stop laughing at "wbu"!! I totally thought that a swollen-lipped and maybe no-tongued person would say that too!

Lani Wendt Young said...

i absolutlely HATE 'UCE' . a lot of rugby people seem to use that one, Ugh

kuaback said...

you was crack me off Bina..xo