Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It has been about a month since my last post. There was no particular reason for the fast...except laziness. That's a valid reason.

Anyway yesterday afternoon, I promised a dedicated blog fan (ha!) to post an entry within 24 hours. I am fast approaching that deadline, and am now where I work best...adrenaline-pumped at the 11th hour, and working (ok, blogging) at twice the speed I usually do. I did seriously contemplate not blogging. But last night at our life group study, one of the Bible verses we studied was about letting your "Yes" mean "Yes". Note to self: Don't say yes.

So taking it slow on my blog return, I'll do one up-one down. One good thing and one bad about the past 4 weeks.

One Up
Our little family - the man, the kid and I - have decided to spend our first Christmas at home by ourselves, instead of travelling to Auckland (to my family) or to Samoa (to the man's family). This was a bit of a down, because we will miss the gigantic extended family gatherings that we're accustomed to, along with a lot of noise, not enough space, and way too much food. Instead, we'll be decorating our home (first time!), planning our own Christmas meals and activities, and possibly starting our own family traditions. It's exciting times. I think what really nails this as an "up" is the massive financial saving. Lol! Time to get our own copy of the Boney M and Mariah Carey Christmas albums. Ooooh yea...

One Down
Two words - toilet training. How on earth do you toilet train a child? What is more confusing is how I don't know the answer to this, being the eldest of 7 children. Anyhow, the kid is now "of age" to be toilet trained, but she's not co-operating. I've asked friends how they did it and they shrug and say "Dunno, daycare trained them." Maybe I should get their daycare to call my kid's daycare, because they have a strange notion that I somehow have to be involved in the whole process. What? Isn't that what I pay you for? It seems not. Now I will have to read articles / books and parenting forums, for tips on toilet, sorry, that PC term is toilet "learning" because it's about the child taking the lead and blah blah snore snore snore. Help.


talia said...

Your own family traditions for christmas is a huge up!! I'm doing paper ornaments with the girls today.

Toilet training... yuck lol. We always waited till summer when they could run round just in their lil panties out in the backyard so if they made a mess its wasn't such a mission to clean. So it was race Mummy to the toilet etc, rewards when they managed to get there and go. A lot of sitting in the hall singing songs while they were on the toilet waiting for them to do their business lol. But we made it a big deal getting their first panties so they were super excited about it then. Oh and our girls hated the potty so we just went for the lil kids toilet seat...

Good luck SeenerBeener!!

Coconut Girl said...

Quiet Xmases are the best. Well, not really, but I'm just trying to make you feel better haha. My girl turns 3 TODAY and still on both nappy and undies...nappy only at night. We sent her to preschool and it made a miraculous achievement in her potty training. After peeing a few times on the floor in front of the other kids lol she sort of realised it's not cool. But yeah, potty training takes time and patience. Good luck! Just practice putting her on the toilet - makes her feel all grown up...and let her know that everytime she feels like she has to go, let you know (so you can make a mad dash with her under one arm and plonk her on the toilet seat". Sorry, I'm not really of any help am I. lol. This is what you call the Malie style of toilet training hehe.

And thank farkens you're back on blog ;)

Laura said...

I'm so into that "yes means yes" thing. LOL I've bad experiences with it so now I'm nearly perfect at it. (she said humbly)

jo_an said...

I too have been toilet training my mischief maker who is 3 also. Its not as easy as I had hoped it would be. She's so stubborn and wont even go near the toilet.

Hope your little miss is advancing with her toilet training!

Bina said...

Update on the toilet training front: she is pretty much toilet trained...yay!! It took a bit of consistency on our end, taking her every morn and evening (which are the only times we see her). I think the biggest factor was we got a Disney princess toilet training seat...then we couldn't get her OFF the toilet. Lol! But she has since learned to react quickly to the call of nature, and hates to wet her pull-ups. Now to schedule a carpet cleaner to get rid of the few "accidents".