Friday, December 23, 2011

Buzz Off

You know what is kinda killing my Christmas buzz? People that owed me money and promised it paid in full months ago. The last "promise" was last week, when the debtors received a bulk holiday payment that they insisted had the debt budgeted in.

What happened? A part payment showed up in my account. No communication, no consideration, just less money.

It's not really the money itself that is causing me grief, it is having to deal with constant disappointment and getting lied to and fobbed off.

When the people concerned asked for the favour they provided fervent and solemn promises in return. We'll definitely have the amount X by date Blah. Ok, something has come up, it will be in Y weeks time. Oh, I just bought some tissues lined with silver. My cat needed a colony of rats for entertainment. I unexpectedly bought some fancy things for myself. The excuse list is endless.

But it's not the excuses that piss me off. It's the general lack of any sort of consideration. Why do I have to chase my money? Like I'm some kind of finance company sucking them dry with interest and charges. Because I'm not. These people are in the inner circle of people you are supposed to trust and respect. But how can you respect someone who treats you like crap?

Are fancy gifts and shiny things really more important than respect, love and integrity? It seems to be. How sad.

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