Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids, don't try this at home

I fell off the exercise wagon a week ago, mostly due to a "medical problem" (if you know what it is, ssshhh).

So yesterday, to make up for it yesterday I thought I would try something new and challenging. I sought advice from the man on some of the stuff he's been doing with his training team. Twenty reps of this and that. I thought, this should be ok, 20 is not a big number. And squats? Pfft. I squat on a semi-regular basis to...well, you know, everyone squats.

So I psyched up, and got into it, all the while thinking that I looked something like this:

Me, at the start of my exercise session

Then reality hit. Doing twenty lunges is not as easy as eating twenty pies (not that I've tried...ahem). By the end of it, my legs were jelly, and that was just the beginning. Today I woke up feeling sore in muscles that I doubt I have ever used all my life. To get from our lounge to the garage, there are 2 flights of stairs to take. Oh the pain. Sitting down at church - pain. Standing up to sing - pain. Climbing up the stairs, going down the stairs, even sitting on the loo - pain, pain, pain.

If I looked like how I feel, it would be like this:

Hobbling to get coffee after the Lunge-Session-of-Doom.
The sunnies are to hide from the paparazzi.
 I take it back now. I do not want to challenge myself to be super-athletic. I prefer to eat grass (note, eat not smoke) and leaves, while lounging back on the couch exercising my fingers on the buttons of the TV remote control.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say that the chick in the START pic? Is totally me.

Anonymous Woman from the House of Stark.

Winter is Coming. (Jingle bells, jingle bells)

lilidonna said...

OMG... Why is any form of exercise such a challenge for us? lol Our not doing ANY sports as children has surely stunted us for life.