Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mouse dung

I am a bawling mess. These out-of-control hormones are causing me to cry at just about anything and at just about any time.

I'm already what you would call a "sensitive" person, so I have always been a crier. But this is a whole new level of crying.

I cry when watching TV ads.

I cry when I think of my 4 year old (like who does that??)

I cry when watching cheesy romance movies that I would usually laugh at.

I cried when reading this:

I'm pretty sure I cried while watching the final episode of My Kitchen Rules.

Sigh. I fear that if any Damien Rice songs play on the radio while I'm driving, I might just be inconsolable and possibly crash the car.

I am reminded of a lady back in my wop wop village who cried at pretty much everything.Someone once commented, "Koe o le ki'o a le isumu e le'i kagi ai."

[Loose translation: "The only thing she hasn't cried about is a mouse taking a crap."]

I think that's where I'm at now. Just gotta find a crapping mouse to prove my suspicion.


Laura Toailoa said...

Samoans have the best insults ever!!

The ultimate test will be to cry to "only know you love her til you let her go.... and you let her go......"


Bina said...


However, listen to this and see how you hold up. I just had a massive crying session to it. Sigh. This is exhausting!

talia said...

Craaaaack up! Yep def got overly emotional when carrying aliens lol, am so glad I'm back on a 'somewhat' even keel.

kuaback said...

YAY, you're back.
and uumm..CONGRATULATIONS. i didn't even know you are "BLESSED" again?

keep the blogs coming :)

hugs from kuaback

lilidonna said...

My fail-safe crying trigger: seeing babies born... like, I've never had a dry-eyed One Born Every Minute experience.

ps. Samoan expressions. LOL!

pss. Damian Rice. The master of the tear duct.