Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rebirth (of sorts)

Hello tumbleweed! I felt the sudden urge to blog today, then the urge to make a new start by creating a new blog to reflect the new person that I am today. The "urges" left me drained, so never mind the new blog. I won't even promise to reformat this one. If I have learnt anything during my absence from the blogosphere, it would be: underpromise and overdeliver. Not the profound insightful lesson you were perhaps expecting, right? I'm too old and too tired for insight.

So why the return to the blog world, I know this question is keeping you awake at night. Well, where else do I get to rant and rave and carry on like a lunatic, but here in my diary blog. And these days I have much to rant about, the main cause being the alien that has invaded my tummy (hip hip hooray).

I just want to put out a warning: I am the most pessimistic alien carrier you will ever come across. If my mad rants will in any way affect your desire to one day carry an / another alien, then the next phase of posts is not for you. I completely blame the hormones and, of course, my dear husband.

To the next phase! *clink clink* Oh wait, nope, can't do that either. ARGH!!!

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