Monday, July 22, 2013


This week I have some fantastic news to share.

I had my halfway point ultrasound, and found out:

  1. The alien seemed all anatomically there, i.e. the correct number of limbs, the expected shape, one head, etc
  2. We are having a little prince. EEEEEKKKK!!!!

Though the first bullet point was pretty important, the second one is a headliner for sure. My family is a largely female dominated family (by number and by volume ... lol). So naturally, we are pretty darn excited by the knowledge that this little alien is going to be the first grandson ... on both his parents' sides of the family!

We shall name him Aegon. The prince that was promised. His is the song of ice and fire.

Ok, no, we're not really naming him that. I couldn't resist a geeky reference to the Song Of Ice And Fire books ;)

Could you imagine how Samoans would interpret and rearrange the name Aegon? Yea, exactly. I don't wish that on anyone. Let alone the Prince of Toamua himself. Lol.

Now to find out how on earth you change a baby boy's nappies. Eek.


talia said...

Congrats Sina & Pati!! Main tip for changing a boys nappies - always point it down lol!!

ReaderWriter said...

Congratulations!! I have always enjoyed your blog. All the best : )

kuaback said...

wooohoooo..Congratulations sis. and YAY, Lali is getting a lil brother to boss around. hehehe. x

lilidonna said...

A boy! A boy at last!

Those should be the Malowfee words.