Saturday, December 25, 2010

A birthday, Jesus and Bubbles

Bubbles is my baby sister. By baby I mean 8 years old. We went to our church Christmas production tonight, and about halfway through the play/show, she tapped my arm and asked "So Jesus would have been born tomorrow, but a long, long time ago?". Adorable and shocking. My own sister didn't know the meaning of Christmas. My bad. So I told her - Yes. Then we continued to watch the show.

At the end, the pastor gave an opportunity or invitation for those who wanted to know Jesus - the Light in the Dark. I had just opened my eyes slightly to give Lyla a stern look for being rowdy, and I saw Bubbles raise her hand to accept the invitation.

Merry Christmas, Bubbles. You have chosen to accept a gift more amazing than any of the ones you will be unwrapping tomorrow. A gift of love, full of promises that are renewed every day. A gift that is endless and that you can in turn pass onto others, sharing and shining the Light.


Laura said...

aww that's ULTRA GARRRTY!!! Go Bubbles

jesse said...

wow that's so awesome right!!

Tanya said...

Gosh that's so cool, and its the best thing coz she chose to go up herself. wat a great kid!