Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Is Love

This morning was full of gloom - a knockout combo of stress and disappointment. And rain. Ugh. Rain on the grass and the trees, the farms, the rivers, etc - good. Rain in my shoes and hair, and on the road - not good.

But little things count, and random things my family do have already made my day better and better. Just being their random but awesome selves, each family member that I've "seen" today (in person or online) has helped cheer me up without even knowing.

So this is a special dedication to all my familydom :)

By the way, while looking for this video I found out that this guy is Samoan. I know I'm probably the last to know, but wow, I mean, he sounds good. Lol! No offence to other Samoan singers...


Tanya said...

agyna loves this song, but personally i think the video killed it for me.

Bina said...

I've never actually seen the video. I know, strange huh, since I've put it in my blog. I prefer to listen to songs, not watch them. Unless it is live and it's Bon Jovi :)