Friday, December 10, 2010

The Hangover

Just to clear things up, this is not in reference to the movie about the guys that go to Vegas for a bachelor party and wake up hung over with no recollection of the previous nights activities.

I am hung over. From the Bon Jovi concert we went to on Sunday. Maybe this is not quite the right word, but let me explain. I haven't been to many concerts, due mainly to financial constraints. The few that I have been to, I have thoroughly enjoyed and got that post-concert buzz, including the literal buzzing in the ears for a day or so. But I have to say the Bon Jovi concert was way more amazing than I had anticipated. And I had high expectations - relative to the cost of the tickets.

They didn't have crazy lighting or special effects or any of that jazz. Just the band, playing non stop for 20 songs, before taking a short break and returning for an epic encore - 'Always', 'Wanted Dead or Alive' and 'Livin on a Prayer'. So what made it so good? Just...them. They sounded awesome, and created a really good atmosphere even during the calmer moments of the gig. "Seasoned performers" someone said. I sang 'til I was hoarse and clapped 'til my hands started to swell.

It usually takes me a day or two to get over the buzz of a concert, then I can look fondly back on the memories of the night. Not this one. Thanks to YouTube, each time I watch a video from that night, I fan the dying embers and then it's the return of the buzz all over again. Epic.


jesse said...

This is how I felt after Muse and Kanye West, but that's because those two are like, 2 of my favourite artists of all time.

Then again, maybe I didn't feel like that, and I have yet to experience that true concert experience. In which case, I should have gone with you. I didn't even know you went!!

Tanya said...

they sound awesome on my iPod, so i can only imagine how they would've sounded live.