Saturday, June 25, 2011

How not to diet

"Eating well" has been going swell the past three weeks. I now eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Little snacks in between. No more second dinner, so obviously that cancels out post-second dinner dessert as well. I know, a lot of sacrifices have been made.

But then along comes Saturday, my "diet day off", the light at the end of the weekly diet tunnel. On Saturdays I don't calorie count. I eat dessert. I don't stress about having dinner later than usual. I basically just be me ... well, a-less-greedy-but-nevertheless-food-loving version of me. Me 2.0

Anyway, so today was Saturday. Woohoo! What I usually do on my freedom day is go out with the hubby and toddler to have brunch at a cafe that we pick at random. Just the thought of a flat white with banana/bacon waffles is making me drool. Regardless of where we go, or what we eat, it is usually a good day. A happy day. (Listen to me, I didn't even realise I was suffering from food withdrawal)

Well, today was no different. A lovely dinner with relatives, that was finished off with the most divine chocolate cake, delivered straight from heaven no doubt. I have a nagging feeling that this day off has cancelled all the good work that was done this week. Three steps forward and two steps back. Tomorrow the nagging feeling will have hatched into a full blown guilt-and-regret dragon. But tonight it remains locked in the dungeons of my mind, and I enjoy the last few moments of this temporary reunion with carbs, fat and sugar.

One minor issue needs to be address though - we came home with a reasonable sized chunk of the culprit chocolate cake. If I eat it tonight, I will technially still be within the "rules of indulgence" right? I'm so full though! I have heard that you can't have your cake and eat it too. But I will try my best...


Laura said...

Kia Kaha :) Go Bina! Don't touch that cake! Shove it down Barty's throat if need be.

Lani Wendt Young said...

i recommend eating as many pieces of the cake as possible. then you will be sick of it and will not long for it during your dieting week!

(Is only a suggestion. Has not always worked well for me though...but it always seems to make logical sense in my mind.)

Bina said...

Thanks for the advice. I combined the suggested approaches and did this: resisted the urge last night, then this morning had a piece for breakfast, half a piece for lunch, then stuffed the rest down Barty's throat. Problem solved (or not?). Not eating for the rest of today should set me back on track.