Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden Oldies

When I created this blog, I didn't have a name in mind. How do I sum up in a few words what the general feel would be? Not sure what made me think of music, but I went with Rock Fob because:

1. Rock - I like rock music. Maybe not as much as a bogan. But I think as much as a born-and-raised Samoan mongrel can be (thanks Magik FM and Rick Dees). So not surprisingly, the car radio is nearly always on The Rock radio station. (And funnily enough, but unrelated, we go to a church called The Rock. Oh yea, I love that Rock - Jesus - hard out)

2. Fob - Need I say more? Growing up in a kuaback village that meant you couldn't go to school after heavy rainfall because all the fords were flooded....yea, I don't think there was much hope of not being a fob. Being under permanent house arrest with a bookshelf of Laura Ingalls, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Nancy Drew and a Collins encyclopedia set was still not enough to deviate me from fob-ination. I mean, Mum had Daniel Rae Costello, Five Star, Misiluki and Aniseto tapes playing non-stop...and of course every year Boney M at Christmas time. And the most surprising music influence - my grandma. Her little squeaky transistor radio, always on 2AP, was the source of my love for the Rod Stewart/Dire Straits/Bee Gees/Lionel Richie types.

In recent times though, I have lost interest in new music. Actually to be frank, I think most of the music coming out nowadays is average at best. Harsh, maybe? Am I a dinosaur? At the young age young age? I mean, who remembers that J-Lo was one of Janet Jackson's "friends" in the clip of "That's The Way Love Goes"? And that Courtney Cox was a front row fan in the concert clip of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark"?

I find watching Juice TV exhausting. Most nights now, while we're working on our respective computers, we've got the TV on MTV Classic. What a find. A channel that plays music from artists I know, with melodies that I can understand, and lyrics that are intelligent, deep or witty. With charts like 'This Is 1993' can you go wrong?

I should consider a blog name change to "Golden Oldies", along with a "Back in my day" series. I'll have a cuppa tea, then think about it some more as I clean my dentures.


lilidonna said...

SOME of the new stuff is good if you're in the mood: Rihanna for crazy unco dancing, Lady Gaga for some more crazy unco dancing and perhaps some Nicky Minaj for... you guessed it! Crazy, unco dancing! OK so maybe the trend is that the only new music I listen to is pop, but as for new rock, I'm not so optimistic... It's more waiting for old bands to release new albums I guess... (eg. Pearl Jam etc).

Wedge said...

Crazy unco dancing FTW!

Lani Wendt Young said...

Ohmigosh you read Nancy Drew and Laura Ingalls and Enid Blyton too! I knew we were kindred spirits...And I Do remember that Jlo was backup dancer for Janet Jackson. And a Fly Girl on the 'In Living Color'...thats how OLD i am! LOL