Saturday, June 18, 2011

Politically Correct Baking

Today I set out to make some melting moments (I think they're also called yo-yo's?). You know, those round white shortbread biscuits with custard-like filling. Mmmm...

So I found a recipe online that looked easy and had enough good reviews. For some reason, whenever I Google for recipes, I start with "best". e.g. today I typed "best melting moment recipe". Naive maybe. But so far, it's given me some good results.

Well, I found out I didn't have the patience for reading instructions that go something like this - roll into balls of 2.5cm in diameter, use an object with flat bottom to press down to 3cm in diameter, then press with fork until 4cm in diameter. Huh? I just went with what I thought was the "right" size. Sigh.

My goodness, did I get a shock when I opened up the oven, expecting to see my beautiful golden biscuits. What was more surprising though was that they tasted great!

So they may be the wrong colour, but they are perfectly fine in every other aspect. Hmm, where have I come across that before...?

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Lani Wendt Young said...

LOL Brown seems to be the way to go these days... Im with you on the whole recipe thing. I HATE it when recipes are really specific, too much like following instructions for a chemistry experiment. I prefer - a cup of this, a handful of that, throw in some of that, listen to the wind and add whatever it tells you to...Which is why my baking is always - INTERESTING? and unpredictable!