Friday, July 1, 2011

Forget you

It's Friday. The day when my patience gauge is way below empty...I'm sputtering along and getting ready to pull over. And all the imbeciles I could ever encounter through work come out to play.

I am so peed off right now, and so close to committing career suicide. ARGH!

Deep breaths...

Mantra of the day:
He's an idiot - it's what they do. He's an idiot - it's what they do. Oooooossa...

Last Friday's mantra was (as my FB status will testify): Don't be mean. Don't be mean. Don't be mean.

Ok, I think I'm ready to log back in now and kindly reply to the email:
"Dear [insert name of idiot]

Where is the bloody file I was sitting up and waiting for since midnight? My apologies for seeming impatient. I realise that you have only had the request for 20 minutes so what you have been doing, twiddling your thumbs since then but we urgently require the file for our reports.

I will await your response when the file is available but I won't hold my bloody breath

I know where you live
Sina" CeeLo put it (after censorship) ... forget you!

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