Friday, July 29, 2011

Shout out from the top

After a week of sleepless nights and intense work stress, I received a pleasant surprise today when our CEO called to tell me that I got a special mention/award thingy at our company's monthly meeting (which I was unable to attend since I'm the only-the-lonely loser working from Wellington while everyone else is in Auckland - but that's another story).

Not the award I got
 So I stand up here on the stage to receive my Oscar Geek award, and would like to give thanks to all those that have helped me achieve my goal of being Geek of the month.

1. God
The source of all my geekiness blessings. Thank you for providing an awesome job and boss, for always being faithful in answering prayer and for such favour at work.

2. Mum and Dad
For the genes. Sure, you also gave me thunder thighs, a flat head and hairy fingers, but the brain genes didn't turn out too bad. And thanks for paying my school fees at RLSS because I was too much of a wussy kid to survive public school.

3. Pati
The Duran to my Duran. For clearing Lyla out of my path when I'm at my most stressed, shouting me nice lunches when I need to get out of the office and understanding about me spending some nights with the laptop instead him.

4. My boss
Chances are if he read my blog I would not have received this award. So thankfully he has more important things to do, like running a great company that hires awesome fobs...actually, one fob.

Oh my goodness, I'm so overwhelmed...who else do I need to thank...

5. UPY science labs
By spending 9 hours every week sitting in labs, while the Arts and Commerce kids lounged and laughed at the canteen just outside the window, I was put off any career involving labs and stumbled blindly towards IT (because I was told they were paid well).

6. Angie
The lovely Malaysian lady that runs the Malaysian restaurant Sri Pinang on K'Road. Where I spent hours of bonding time with workmates while chowing on the best roti ever, and copious amounts of curry. Friday lunch at work has never been the same since I left Auckland. Thank you Angie, for filling me up so much with scrumptiousness, that I was able to handle the Friday afternoon brain haze by sleeping-with-eyes-open at my desk.

Ok, the music is playing really loud now...the ushers are dragging me off...but thank you last but definitely not least to my blog readers and the blogs I read, for the bucketloads of laughter in the wee hours of the morning that helped me to make it through to where I am today *tear*


Lani Wendt Young said...

Hey congratulations Bina! Thats awesome that your boss and company recognize what a treasure you are. And i love the 'Duran to my Duran' mention of your special significant other.

Now I have to say from a blogging pt of view, DAYYUM this is such a neat idea for a post. My mind is running overtime now with ideas for an acceptance speech for something.(you didnt take out a copyright for this idea did you?!)

Le Touriste said...

And yes, like Lani..I might just steal your acceptance speech idea :)

Bina said...

Awww fanks goys :)
Please, feel free to steal. Sharing is caring. Or something like that.
[Starts refreshing Stella and Sleepless pages for new blog post]

Coconut Girl said...

Congratulations Tiger Monkey Mommy! I'm so envious...obviously with a boss like mine I won't be getting any sort of award this millenium haha. Hope you, Duran and Lyla go out and celebrate in style!

Laura said...

Wooo! Go Bina! :D Geekiness beats Oscar anyday.... (well, almost!)

Nice speech :)

kuaback said...

Congratulations on an award well deserved ROCK FOB..duff keo..