Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to survive work stress

One word - denial. Pretend that you are not under the workload more suitable for 5 people. It doesn't cure it and it sure doesn't help the work get done, but it reminds you of what sanity feels like,  what the fresh air on the other side of the tunnel smells like, and fuels you to keep going.

Ways to implement denial mode:

1. Blog - See, I'm doing it now, and it's working. Nuff said.

2. Bake - This has the double benefit of providing therapy as well as having something delicious to indulge on at the end.

3. Housework - If you're a slob like me, housework is the perfect getaway from work craziness because there is always plenty to be done. I purposely leave it there to help me in stressful times (uh-huh...there was a plan to my laziness).

4. Watch State of Origin - Yep, even if you're a NSW supporter and your team is getting SLAUGHTERED. Or you've never watched rugby league before. Because the alternative is working. So reach for that remote control right now.

5. Spend time with your kid(s) - What a notion. Even if your kid finds it a bit suspicious (like mine is) don't let it stop you.

And after doing all that, you'll be too exhausted to work any more, so go to bed straight away. Ok, so maybe the next day it will all come back to you...the mountain of work you were supposed to do the night before but chose to ignore, how pissed off your boss will be, how you might miss out on a pay rise in the next review cycle, how crap the day will be, how much coffee you will have to consume to make it through the day, and how much Neurofen you will need to counter the caffeine-induced migraine. But wasn't that moment of ignorance just bliss?

This is how I survive. Please seek professional consultation before implementing this approach. I accept no liability for unsuccessful implementations and ensuing consequences. For a limited time only. Only available in participating stores. Full lending and credit criteria apply. Each piece sold separately. Batteries not included. Refer to website for full terms and conditions.

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