Sunday, July 24, 2011


My lovely friend Talia Brown gave birth on Sunday 17th July 2011. For the Manu fanatics out there, you read correctly. It was on that fateful day, when Samoans the world over feasted on wallaby meat, albeit vicariously through the Manu.

So needless to say, I attempted to influence the baby naming process, by coming up with this fobby suggestion - Samoabeatwallabies3223. She politely declined (okay, more like flat out refused).

Then yesterday, the news of the boy's name was announced - Ezra Jordan Brown. The thought of the Manu fanatic may be - Have all the stars, planets, moons, asteroids and satellites aligned or what? I'm sorry, but I do not think Ezra Taylor had anything to do with the naming of this child. I am not normally a believer of coincidences, but I think just this once I can say this is purely coincidental.

Here is a link to the source of this super adorable pic (where you can also see a photo of his mother looking mighty fine even after pushing out a 10 pounder...yes, that was jealousy you detected)

Ezra Brown

If you're thinking that this post was not at all what you thought it would be, I am laughing at you.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Im loving and laughing at the 'typical' fob name suggestion!

Gorgeous baby, congratulations to the parents.

almost makes me want to have another one. ALMOST. My Beast just came and told me (solemnly) "Im really sorry, i didnt mean it. It was an accident." And Im freaking out wondering what the heck she's done now...

Laura said...

Yay for a cute baby! Go Talia. I checked out her Tumblr and she looks so good for someone who just pushed out a 10 pound human! Sorry then.

She flat out refused your name suggestion? She didn't even CONSIDER it?! That's just absurd.

Bina said...

Lani - It's when they confess first...those are the worst ones. And yes, I had my 5 minutes of wishing and wanting another one too before Lyla brought me back to earth (to pull my hair out at whatever it was she had done).

Laura - I don't think I've looked that good...ever. Lol. Some people have brains, some have looks. Tali has both, I'm lodging a formal complaint. And re: baby name, they could have shortened it to Sam!!! (That was my argument, and I stand by it)

kuaback said...

aawww..he's gorgeous...look at those chunky cheeks..

talia said...

LOL I've read this for the first time today. Thanks all for the nice comments... can I just say photoshop works wonders, you know, get rid of wrinkles, dark bags under eyes etc etc lol.
As for his name, no we were not going to name him the game results although that got suggested by so many family members as well as Sina. Ezra Taylor is a mate of my older sister, so she'd suggested it early on... but no, our son is not named after him either haha.