Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday I made a one-night-only return to Manurewa, Auckland. I flew up from Welly at noon, and returned the next morning. Like some kind of superstar, or super-paranoid-about-being-away-from-my-kid nutcase, or a too-poor-to-book-non-Grabaseat-fare person.

The reason for the quick solo trip was to attend my only brother's engagement party, but I tried to squeeze in a bit more Rewa and Manukau into my itinerary.

Manukau mall
A full van of fans family picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Westfield Manukau mall ... straight to the food court. Where we could have something to eat but more importantly have a good chinwag session before any shopping (mostly of the type "window") was done.

$10 Speso
One of my first memories of takeaways in Manurewa is a $10 chicken "special", which consists of some deep fried chicken nibbles and chips. It is also known to be called "Family Special" or "Family Pack" etc. You get the point. I had one of these.

The Warehouse - Clendon
Small but has just what you need. Popped in to grab a last minute gift.

We went to the Reading cinemas in Wellington once. The cinemas parks are sooooo far away and not free. The seating is super squashed...well, maybe not super squashed, but I've become accustomed to the very generous seating at Manukau and Sylvia Park. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. And while fidgeting to get comfortable I kicked my popcorn over, then spilt my drink while trying to fit it into the weirdly placed and shallow cup holders.
So last night I went to the 11:10pm movie session at Manukau. I needed to see Harry Potter and there was no way I would suffer through another Reading experience. Being 11:10pm on Saturday the crowds and action in Manukau were actually at Guada's across the street, not at the movies, and especially not for Harry Potter. More space for me! If there is a Sundance Film Festival movie you want to see...Event Manukau is the place to do it!

Clendon bakery
There are no bakeries near our Welly home. A lot of cafes, but nowhere you can get a juicy good quality potato top pie and a simple but delicious cream bun for less than $5. So that's where I (well, Mum actually) bought breakfast this morning. So on my return flight, when I got asked if I wanted a cookie or a handful of sweets I could smile sweetly and say no thanks, I had a meeeean breakfast ow.

And just like that I was on the plane and on my way back to Wellington. My South Auckland fix squeezed into less than 24 hours. Until I see you again my old home ... Rewa Hard!


lilidonna said...

Nice title. Very Ke$ha. Oh and I love me some Ke$ha so that was totes a compliment! ;)

Couldn't agree more about seeing artsy films at Manx... to bad they show so few of them nowadays, guessed they noticed that it was only me and few others in there EVERY. TIME. Seriously: "The Lovely Bones" on a Cheap Tuesday night at around 7pm (prime time) and there was only a sprinkling of us! lol

But so good having you here Beens (trying to make 'Beens' happen -- yeeyea!). Next time, it'll be our turn to visit.

Peace out homez.

Goggies x

Lee said...

Hello Bina,
I have noticed you are using a pic i created sfor a bebo group called Rewahard in one of your blogs, which is great...way to represent! All i ask is that you note me if anyone asks about thIs fake sign.

Lee Memea.