Saturday, July 23, 2011


Toddlers are sponges. The kind of sponge that absorbs only what it is NOT meant to absorb. And then chooses the best time to display their newfound knowledge/skill.

A few new characteristics Lyla showed today (thankfully in the privacy of our home)

I tried on a hat and asked "Baby, do you think I look good?" She looked at me, looked at the hat, paused, then said "Mummy, I don't like tea." Ha! Changing the subject when she didn't want to tell me that I looked like the cat in the hat's fat aunt. Nicely done. I will take credit for this trait.

This photo says it all.
The hand with a mind of its own
Head looking directly at the TV, while hand pokes a hole in the glad wrap and creeps closer to the chocolate cake! So engaged is she in her covert role, that she doesn't notice me taking a photo. She probably (definitely?) got this from me too.


I was looking through the Manu FB page and she sat down as well and had a look. This photo came up and I asked her "Do you know who this is?" She nodded. "Yes, it's Daddy!" I could not stop laughing. Now that was definitely NOT from me. No sirree. I hope she doesn't need glasses.

On a side note, anonymous blogging has been enabled. I didn't even realise it was a setting until a superstar wanted to comment as Anon to keep under the radar from the paparazzi.


Anonymous said...

Okay - so Im really ignorant because I have no clue who that person is that Lyla thinks is her Daddy?! You must be the official PR rep for the Association of Hot Rugby Players since we continue to find enticing pictures of enticing individuals on your blog...

The cake looks delicious too.

If I was Lyla I would be trying to sneak some as well.

Bina said...

Dear random person who just so happened to come across my blog,

That gentlemen stretching would be Kahn Fotualii who, may I stress, is NOT the father of my child.

And I do agree - the cake does indeed look delicious. It also tastes delicious (present tense...I am still eating it).

Wedge said...

was THIS close to commenting as Anon, then i realised TMZ already know i follow your blog... by the by.. that Fotualii person..Daddy!

gusdafa said...

Kalofae ia Lyla, hope the psychological damage isnt permanent.

Coconut Girl said...

Bahahaha @ Kahn looking like Lyla's daddy...well maybe they have the same haircut? Lol.

I take 3 things out of this post - Kahn, Delicious cake and Lyla's Toamua ways lol.

Oh and thank you for pop ups :)