Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hermit life

With each passing year, I become more and more antisocial. I prefer to call it "introverted". I like this definition that I came across:

Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.


I'm not mean, unfriendly or pessimistic. I just find being alone so damn therapeutic! Lol.

I think it's only something an introvert would understand.

I've been considering doing yoga for a while. The thought of getting old and having my body fall apart due to poor maintenance really worries. I thought yoga would be a nice and low intensity way to start.
Then I randomly found out that yoga comes on very early in the morning on one of the SKY channels. Excellent. I started doing the sessions, and surprisingly enough, I actually really enjoyed them!
Next thing you know, the husband's gym added yoga classes to their schedule. Knowing I wasn't into the whole high-intensity-spandex-weight-lifting hullaballo, his trainers suggested that perhaps I would be keen to come to the yoga classes. He thanked them and said he would let me know. They kept persisting, and the poor guy was trying to politely explain that it might not "be my thing". In other words, even if I was keen to do yoga, doing it with a whole group of people, let alone a group of fitness fanatics, well ... let's just say on my to-do list it would be just after eating slugs. Lol. The poor gym bunnies were confused. That must be the polar opposite of an introvert ... a gym bunny.

Anyway, so that's my story. No group workouts. No group therapy. No group anything.

Oh but I did find a book club that sounds so ideal. The organiser books a date, time and place (usually a cafe or bar). You turn up with a book of your choice, find whatever spot in the venue you fancy, and read your book. At the end of the scheduled time, you can meet at the bar and chat to the other book club members, or you can get up and leave without saying a word to anyone. It's like being with other people like you, doing something you all like to do, but doing it alone. It's introvert heaven.


kuaback said...

I would gladly do yoga with you if you lived down the road. hehehehe...

Fotu said...

Lol, you are like my husband. He'd spend the whole day tinkering in the garage by himself (getting nothing done I might add). I am the opposite but I am not a gym bunny. More like a chocolate bunny. Or maybe I just feel like some chocolate.

Nyds said...

I hate gyms too...high five sista! lol

Anonymous said...

a book club? where? are you really going to it? I feel betrayed somehow...because you should only be allowed to talk books with me and Talia?? Makes no sense I know..My sense of betrayal is really cos I am loser who goes nowhere. Not even to bookclub. Will put on List of Things to Do. START A BOOKCLUB. yay!