Saturday, May 21, 2011

Full credit

Saturday night, guess what's on our TV? Rugby, of course. I don't mind. I'm a Crusader (what they call "one-eyed") fan, and it's always entertaining to see Stephen Donald doing "Stephen Donaldy" (i.e. dumb) things.

So I'm putting away my groceries and the pre-match build up thing is on. Then I hear some guy (one of the Chiefs or Crusaders playing, I wasn't paying attention, I'm very particular about the layout of my pantry) answering the interviewer's question about how he was playing really well. Answer - "I'm just really enjoying what I'm doing". Really? Was that the real reason behind his obviously vast improvement this season, or was he just quoting from the Rugby Player's Almanac of Cliche Interview Answers?

Here's are a few favourites *

"I'm just enjoying / having fun with what I'm doing"
Usually a response to "You've been playing really well this season. What's your secret?". I tell you what's NOT a secret. What his answer is going to be!

"Full credit to the opposition"
Usually said by the winning captain

"Proud of the boys"
Usually said by a brown guy

"We knew they would come out hard"

"Beaten by the better team on the day"
This should only ever be used to answer the question - "The losing team has been what...?"

* By 'favourites' I mean - if I hear this being said by a rugby player again, I think I'll scream

Go the Crusaders! If you front up, play to the conditions and play the percentages then we'll come away with the win. Full credit.

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Laura said...

Lol at your labels. I love me an organised pantry.