Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Monday meh-ness

Husband is away for a week. Daughter has come down with a bad cold. Mother-in-law (here to visit) also down with a cold. Falling behind at work, which will lead to a drop of hours to invoice, which will ultimately mean less ch-ching come next month. Just makes me want to go eat the rest of the date loaf from tonight's dessert. No wait, can't do that, because I'm too fat. What's worse than all of that, is the bad grammar resulting from the woe-is-me-ness (looks at previous sentences in disgust).

To cheer myself up, I thought I would look at pretty things. No, this is not THAT kind of blog. I went through some photos of TAV at Janet's. Scrolling through the albums...oh cute... meh ... hot! ... hmm, wonder how much that one is. Looking on the photo comments I saw someone had already asked the question, oh goodie. Wait hold on... was $575, now on special for $460?? *Rubs eyes and checks* oh my life. Four. Six. Zero. Close tab!

If I want to buy myself one of those one day, I will have to work through a few more months of weeknights, stop eating altogether (that would be a small fortune in savings itself) and there's always the option of selling my toddler. *Look down at her sleeping adorably next me* Nah, not the toddler. I do have a few sisters though...

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