Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First day wrap up

Today was my "first day at work" ... sort of. About a year ago now, we moved from Auckland to Wellington, and somehow I managed to keep my job with the Auckland company. There was the tiny issue that they didn't have a Wellington branch. Yet. So I became it. Theta Wellington, all on my lonesome self, with a proper office and everything in town but no work colleagues in it. Now that I think back on it, it seems a bit comical, like I was some mental person with the delusion of having a desk job in town.

Anyway, last month Theta Systems acquired a smaller company in Wellington, which has now become the "official" Theta Central Region (I think that's what we're called now). So today was my first day working in their office. It felt kind of weird, since I was the original Theta person, and yet I was "the new girl". But apart from that, the day actually went well. It was a massive change not having my Facebook logged on in the background, so I could switch windows when I saw a notification. Ha! But work flowed smoothly, everyone was super-nice, yada yada yada.

However, by lunch, I was ready for some "me time", so I hit the streets.

First stop: Cafe Rahzoo
These guys have a massive  & delicious selection of salads, and you can pick any 3 choices for  $8.50

Next stop: Midland Park, across the road from Rahzoo, where I got my daily dose of Vitamin D while I ate my rabbit food.
This was later in the afternoon, during lunch it's all packed out with lunch-eating Welly folk

Final (and favourite) stop of the day: Whitcoulls

In the fantasy section there were a whole bunch of comfy lounging chairs, where I curled up and enjoyed a Jon Snow chapter of 'A Dance With Dragons', before buying my trusty black Collins diary for 2012 and heading back to work.

Next thing I knew my daily alarm to pick up Lyla went off. So much for stressing about my "first day". This was one hell of a sweet day.

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Lani Wendt Young said...

So glad 2 hear it went well - and u didnt even need to take bribes!