Sunday, January 15, 2012

More rambling than anything

Tonight I was reading a book to Lyla and it had a map of New Zealand and Australia. She pointed to Australia and said "I want to go there." Great idea! I have actually never been there. What?! No!! Really? Really really. The only countries I've ever been are Samoa and New Zealand, and since pretty much everyone in Samoa has been to NZ, it doesn't really count, right?

So I'm thinking this year I will cross the ditch and finally make my way to the Land Of The Big Red Dust (that's Australia, by the way. Does it have a pre-colonial name, like Aotearoa?)

I'd have to get a new passport though, as the current one I have is "defaced", thanks to my lovely daughter deciding on one of our flights to kick her cup of water which tipped directly onto the pile of passports, where mine sat proudly on top defending the others and sacrificing itself in the process. So where was I? Oh yes, that's about $200 right? Or maybe even $300. For a Samoan passport. Why not an NZ one? Because I'm not a citizen yet. Sssh. I really should put my application in. Then go in to the citizenship ceremony, sing the National Anthem and declare my allegiance to the Queen and my love for Camilla. I hope no one I know is there to bear witness. Ha! I jest. I would love to be a NZ citizen (in case I'm caught up in some Middle Eastern country drama and need rescuing and I'm not sure Stui has the sway or care to get me out). So starts my list of mini-goals for this year, which are not a must, but a nice-to-have.

1: Apply for NZ citizenship
2: Get a NZ passport
3: Visit Australia (finally...and without all the hassle of having to get a visa)

The End


Lani Wendt Young said...

Um is this where I can threaten to report you to Immigration as an overstayer? And you have to send me cheesecake to bribe me to shut up?

Random note - I havent been to australia either. I need to go to Land of the Long Red dust too.

lilidonna said...

Yay! I'm planning on getting my citizenship this year too! I'm quite used to not having the same last name as my daughter now but I really can't accept our not being citizens of the same country. Thousand years later after moving here eh? Good thing we're efficient people!

Bina said...

OMG I still have my maiden surname in my old tattered passport too. Lol! It's annoying when we're flying. She's obviously Pati's daughter. Same name, same face. Me, I could be the nanny for all anyone cares. Lol!

Lani - you haven't been to Oz too! Yay!!! We should do our crazy bloggers catch up at Gold Coast!

lilidonna said...

Aye to a bloggers catch up at the Gold Coast! :D