Sunday, July 22, 2012


Faceless (adjective) - without a face(book page)
[from the official RockFob Dictionary: Insomnia Edition 2012. Italics omitted in some editions]

I deactivated my Facebook page this afternoon. Why? To free up my time to do the billion and one things that I have to do before our month-long holiday to Samoa [we interrupt this blog post to unco-dance around the room and rub your face in the fact that we three beings are going on holiday baby ... holiday ... woot ... ok, that's enough].

Back to pre-holiday reality. Where there is a billion and two things now to do. We have ten more sleeps until we fly out of this freezing cold flu-infested arty farty city of Wellington. Only ten more days to:
  • finish some work for a customer that I am about a week behind on (thanks to the abovementioned flu bugs)
  • write pages and pages of handover documents
  • finish buying the oso for our eagerly awaiting fans (i.e. 2 years' supply of chocolates that will be compressed into an average-sized tote bag that weighs as much as King Kong but will be swung easy-breezily onto the plane to escape detection by the lovely customs officials)
  • buy some summer clothes for myself (considering it's smack-bang in the middle of winter in Wellington, I would have to say even Tom Cruise would struggle to find a way out of this Mission Impossible)
  • learn how to apply makeup (don't ask. I now have to dig out the email that my dear sister Donna sent me...basically a loser's guide to makeup. When will the tired washed-out zombie look ever be "the thing"??)
  • spring clean the house (since someone will be house-sitting, we can't leave the house in the usual state we do when we rush out of the house for a holiday. sad face)
  • do other stuff that I can't remember

So anyway, my work mailbox has finally freed up from whatever task it was doing, so it's back to the grind for me. Good times to roll on!

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