Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miss Know-It-All

I was chatting to my younger brother in Samoa this evening, and he was telling me he was taking several computing classes this semester at the National University of Samoa (NUS). It took me back to my one year there for UPY (a.k.a. 7th form). To be more specific, a computer-course-related memory. Or not ...

Computing class was a visit to Snoozeville, to be honest. And I was a wannabe know-it-all rebel kid. (Or whatever you call a kid who lacked motivation and preferred to have coffees in the cafeteria or sleep on the stage of the fale Samoa instead of attending class).

Setting the scene...It was computing tutorial time. My partner-in-crime buddy who we'll name V (does that give it away...oops) and I were at the cafeteria (shock horror) making coffee (me) and buying monkey balls (V). We hear a voice next to us say, "Pass the sugar please." Hole in the ground, please appear to swallow me up. It was our computing tutor, coming to get her caffeine fix while her class slaved away at whatever task she had just given them. All except the two of us. Against every urge in my body, I did not run. I stood my ground, smiled nicely at her and passed the sugar. Then I added milk to my coffee, and made sure it tasted just the way I liked it. THEN I ran. Lol. Suffice to say, we had learnt out lesson: When wagging computing class, avoid the cafeteria.

By the way, kids, don't try this at home. Or at your school or whatever. You do not want to be a wannabe know-it-all rebel kid. You want to be the super kickass brainiac that never skips computing class. Even for coffee. Or monkey balls.

Dear UPY Computing Tutor, 
On the off chance that you're reading this (and pigs fly), sorry for being an annoying little s...tudent. Believe it or not, I am now a programmer. Ha! Who would've thought. On that day in the cafeteria, neither you or I did, that's for sure. 
Regards, your favourite (?) virtual student.


ReaderWriter said...

Love this post! My days at UPY were a blur even when i was there but I can relate to your story. At least you were so good at computer studies you didn't need to attend lol because look at you now!

kuaback said...

monkey teeth and all..i loved them..too bad they don't sell the stuff here...and lol @ fia tuff at cafe..skip or not, i bet you Ace that bugger yeah? lol malo bina

Laura said...

lololol even I bet I'd wag better than that! Too good bro.

QueenB said...

Awesome read :) I wish I went to school in Samoa lol