Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dat moment ...

...when you get the "Are you OK" email from church because you've been AWOL. Then you think, surely it hasn't been that long? Then you try to remember the last time you went to church and you can't. Oops.

It is bad that what you think of when you wake up on a Sunday morning is going to the market to get a hot Sichuan soup or spicy bratwurst or soothing pho or sweet banana and chocolate crepe? Probably.

Please pray for my soul. And please pray that the damn Sichuan soup people are at the market today, because the last time I dragged my poor kids out on a bitterly cold Sunday morning so I could get my spice fix, they weren't there, so the kids caught a cold for nothing! ("Nothing" may or may not mean a combo of a beef burrito, chocolate crepe and caramel churros...)


1 comment:

Goddess said...

You're doing just fine honeeeyyy! lol....(says the devils advocate!)