Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Right vs Ideal

So this recently happened:

Prior to the verdict, it was summarised by fellow crazy blogger here:

My heart breaks for the families of the two boys who died in the crash. Someone drove that truck too fast that night, and they don't even have the decency to be honest about it.

It got us thinking last night, the husband and I. If our kid was the reckless driver that night, what would be do? As parents, what would be our priority? Would we want to protect our child from the hardship and trauma that would come with imprisonment? Would we want to ensure their record was clear for the sake of their future interests and career paths? Would we be concerned with protecting the "family name"? Would we use everything and everyone in our power and influence to ensure our desired outcome was met? What would be the right thing to do?

Earlier this year, a young man in Christchurch got into a drunken brawl, as young men do. As a result, someone died, and the assaulter was charged with manslaughter. His parents were extremely saddened at the possibility of their son being imprisoned. When they were finally able to see their son prior to the hearing, they asked him if he was responsible for the victim's injuries, and therefore his death. When he answered yes, their advice to him were along these lines:
Although you did not intend to kill this man, as a result of your actions, he is now dead. In court, you must tell the truth in your plea. Do not lie. In the likelihood that you will be imprisoned, know that we love you, and will visit you regularly. But this is what is right.

The young man pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charge.

Out of the two contrasting cases - one where a family would shelter and protect their child from the consequences of their actions, disregarding the value and impact on the victim's family, and the other where a family face and learn from the consequences and teach their child to do the same - which would you be, if put in the same situation?

I know which one I would hope to be.


Nyds said...

Yeah I know which one I would be too. Takes very brave parents and immense love to do that to their child - to do what's right. So yeah, I would tell my kid the same thing right after beating them half to death for doing it in the first place lol!

brighousel said...

Very well put Bina. I have no idea what I would do, but I would hope that I would do what was right. The child learns nothing except that they could get away with murder if we do the alternative.

I don't know any of the victims or the accused but I can't imagine anyone with a conscience could bare to live with themselves if they were responsible and lied about it.