Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Some of the mindless time-wasting things we do is go through Seek and look at other job opportunities, i.e. more money (lesbehonest).

Him: "What about this one?" [reads out job description]
Me: "Yea, I could do that."
Him: "What about [blah blah blah]?"
Me: "You know what job I'm really interested in? Can you check if there are any openings for a 'Lady Of Leisure'? Or how about 'Millionairess'?"

Eka, if only.

Back to reality and the grind we go. The baby needs more nappies, the girl's birthday is coming up.
Also, we kind of went overboard on our KFC Hot and Spicy obsession of late, so the bank is empty and the tummy rolls overflowing. Se ty-oh ia.

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kuaback said...

sign me up for lady of leisure faamolemole pe'a maua le posting ga..hehehe