Thursday, August 28, 2014

Old couples day out

Today the old guy and I took the day off from work to spend quality time together while the kids are at school. (Yes, young ones, it does get this tragic later on in life)

You know you're old buggers though, when you both sing along (loudly) to Bloodhound Gang in the car, not missing a lyric. And you doubly confirm your old age by understanding the "you'll Lovett just like Lyle" reference.

We went to Rebel Sports (his choice) then to Whitcoulls (my choice). And this is all before 10am! I mean, the party don't stop!!

After a few hours together though, we naturally just drifted back into our respective comfort zones. So I'm here on my laptop, doing some work. And he's off to the gym. Ain't nobody got tiiime for too much romantic interaction. After this wee break we'll be refreshed and ready for lunch together.

And dass how we do here in the old folks home.

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kuaback said...

Hahaha. ain't no one got time for romance these