Monday, August 22, 2011

I heard a Who

Dr Seuss: "A person's a person, no matter how small"
You swept into our lives on a Monday morning, and graced a usually mundane day with your good news. We had been expecting you, and yet you were still a surprise.

I wanted to trumpet it from the Tweetops and splatter it over News Feeds. Such was my joy at the mere thought of your existence. Who to tell first? When to tell first? You were the sweetest secret.

But now you are no longer with us, and tiny as you were, you leave a big hole in my heart. You will never get to read this but I write it nonetheless, to celebrate you, and the shortest few days that we had with you.

For my unnamed Mini Me the Second, who left this world yesterday.


Coconut Girl said...

Oh no! I have no words for this post. I just hope you are okay. Find comfort in Pati and Lyla.


Bina said...

Thanks CG. I am much better today.
Posting this has been a big help in the recovery process. So is having the twins (Pati and Lyla) around.

kuaback said...

oka kalofa e..I know how you feel sista..I'm glad you're feeling better though..just don't be like me..buried myself in the room for 2whole weeks..and I stunk bad too..hehehe...cheer up meeh dear

lilidonna said...

"A person is a person. No matter how small."

Dr Seuss was so smart. Off to cuddle my snotty nosed Nutty now.

Love you Bears xx

Adeleina said...


While reading this, I was thinking about all the videos I had seen with the sad stories and poems with sad endings and all that... then I realised this was your own story.

Thanks for sharing with the blogging world, sorry I have nothing more comforting to say, I suck at this. :/


Laura said...

Beautiful blog <3