Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random thoughts and the f-word

I don't have a cohesive train of thought for blogging today.

Because I'm still so sick *cough cough cough* See?

So today it's random thoughts day.

Random thought 1
I want to get hot for summer. Ok let's make that a realistic goal: I want to get to a weight that is not so obscene to the sight and unkind to the clothes by summer. As I stuff my mouth with the last of my 3rd cheese bun this morning, I wonder how I will do.

Random thought 2
I wonder if I'll ever get to travel to Europe. As much as I would love to, I can't see it being affordable anywhere in the forseeable future, and that's a future where NO family members die, which is honestly very unrealistic. I estimate at least 20 aunts and uncles still alive (on both my side and the hubby's)...that's a lot of sii, pigs, pisupo, povi and cash to be bought/spent/exchanged/loaned/begged. Should I just be one of those fakaga-blonde ones and just spend all my money on myself and then play dumb when family calls for financial assistance? I was not blessed/cursed with such a switch in my brain though.
I'm not down about it though. Honestly. It would be a great thing to do. But I am so immensely blessed that anything on top of what I have now, debts and all, is in the bonus zone. (Besides, I hate flying, and very fussy about accommodation, i.e. no backpackers or camping...as the Laughing Samoans said, I've been camping all my life!)

Random thought 3
I wonder who Lyla will marry, and if he's not Samoan, how he will feel about faalavelave. (Hmm, seems to be a running theme, and perhaps not so random, these thoughts). Actually, I wonder how Lyla will feel about them. I know quite a few NZ born Samoans who are against anything to do with giving family in Samoa money.
e.g. Why do they need a car anyway?
e.g. Dad's in Samoa, but we booked his return flight early so they don't take all his money.

I keep forgetting that Lyla is a Kiwi (vomit...e, that was a JOKE, people. Joke alert!). I guess it's up to us, her parents, to teach her why we do what we do, and what that means for her. I guess I should find out first for myself.
Mum asked me in high school if I was going to marry a South African. HA! I wonder why *ahem*
Thank goodness I married a Samoan.
There's nothing as comforting at the moment you find out your uncle has passed away, as telling your husband "Uncle died" and he nods, not only to acknowledge your grief, but to also approve the funds for your contribution to the maliu.

Ok, that's enough random thinking for the day, because it's quite obvious it's all heading down the same line .. the f-word.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Im a really bad Samoan. I very rarely be good and give to fa'alavelaves.

Poor Lyla is only...like three? Four? and already youre wondering who she will marry?! Wait until shes a teenager, then you will really have something to worry about. I hope my daughters dont copy me. If my child came home at age 19 and told me she was marrying some guy she met at a party ( and the said guy was falling down drunk at the tme?) - I think I would have to fly her home to Samoa right away so I could (legally) fasi her. And cut all her hair off.

Random blogs are the best. All kinds of nuggets of insight and wisdom come out!

lilidonna said...

I wanna get hot for summer too... And it's not just because i'm single... I just plan on thoroughly enjoying myself and worrying about "loving" arms never makes for good time.

... and living at Gus's made me think about what fa'alavelaves will look like in 10/20 years... Or when Lali and Nati are adults...

Speaking of adult Lali and Nati, it'll be crack up if Nati married a non-Samoan, her mama (you know which one) will have a heartattack! lol

Teine Samoa said...

Love the random blog. So glad I fell in love with a Samoan and that is definitely one of the reasons. So he can come and be a faiava at my next faalavelave! Lol!