Saturday, August 6, 2011

No comment

Since I started blog-following (stalking) a little while back, I have found that on top of the generally entertaining blog content there is the added treat of blog comments. From what I have seen, the commenters are usually seasoned bloggers themselves, so they add their own flavour of humour to complement the original post. I myself have been guilty of spending more time commenting on the other blogs than writing on my own (blame the lack of creativity and imagination, with a pinch of laziness).

Then comes the big butt BUT.

But...I have also seen some strange (for lack of a better word) blog comments. You know the ones of which I write. Here are some fundamental principles of blog commenting that I try to abide by, not just for blogs but for Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much any place that a person is able to publicly post personal information/statements/ideas and receive feedback. I'm not saying you need them. In fact, you probably don't. But this is my blog *shrugs*

No (bad) comment
 BLOGCOM101: Commenting for idiots beginners

Probably the biggest thing that gets lost in translation between blog content and comment is humour. It's annoying when a post is HILARIOUS, and it is pretty obvious that about 0% of it is serious, and then you see some hardcore sneeeerious feedback at the end. Lecturing, finger pointing, berating.
Tip: Log out, look on TradeMe for a sense of humour to buy, install, then log back in and comment. Then continue to regularly update your humour software for optimum results.

The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.
Don't see a word and go ape-mad and start commenting. I've seen comments that have had absolutely nothing to do with anything, and have made me question whether the commenter had actually read the whole post, or whether they are having their "monthly sick time" and need an avenue to vent.
Tip: If you are not prepared to read the whole post, please don't comment. That is all.

Faafetai lava mo le fesili (Thank you for the question)
Some blog posts end with a question that invites feedback, and most importantly YOUR opinion on things. In this case, please feel free to unload the burden you bear on the topic.
But some posts can be a personal recount, or the blogger's own opinion, or just a statement rather than a question. Consider this if/when commenting.
When someone posts a blog saying "I don't like sausage rolls", and they're quite serious about it, then don't comment multiple times trying to convince them of the health and economic benefits of buying/eating sausage rolls. They don't care. I don't care.
Tip: If it's not a question, don't answer it.

To comment, or not to comment
If in doubt about any of the above, just don't comment. Don't feel pressured to comment, just because everyone else is coming up with something witty or enlightening on the matter. If you don't think you have anything of value to add, you probably don't maybe another blog post will be more down your alley.

Some blogs allow "anonymous" comments. Some people use this to protect their identity when stalking hot rugby boys *cough*
But some people use this to straight out hate and curse on comments, and pretty much just do everything they don't have the gall to do under their own login. To the latter group, I have no tips. Your issues lie much deeper than a 5-minute read of my waffley post could even start to address.

This is my view on commenting, and not a reflection on all bloggers. Please, comment freely on this post :P


Lani Wendt Young said...

Can I say AMEN and AMEN and AMEN many times over? You are the Comment Pro
1. You get the award for Best Commenter over and over because youre just too funny (and sometimes i hate u for it) Sometimes i visit the usual blogs looking for a RockFob comment cos i know it will be a good one.

2. More people need to buy themselves some #^$&%*# humor on Trademe. This is my alltime biggest HATE. There i am livin it up laughing my head off at one of my UN-serious/UNtrue blogposts and some idiot has to jump on and take it seriously. Way to ruin the mood people.

3. Anonymous comment options on a blog are essential. *cough* i cannot really comment at this time on why. They just are.

Thank you for the great comment wisdom Bina. I hope hundreds of people read them and then come to MY blog with an improved attitude, sense of humor and ready to write comments half as good as yours always are.

Teine Samoa said...

I just want to add a little amen since Lani has commented so wittily and well and intimidated me. Hilarious and totally TRUE!!!

Lani Wendt Young said...

Hey TeineSamoa, fancy meeting you here! This is one of the things i love the most about the running commentary on blogs. Stalk them regularly enough and you get to be blogger friends with the coolest people and then BAAM everybody is having a big ole comment conversation with everybody else. (ohmiheck have you ladies noticed the comments over on Coconut Girls adulterous post?! Theres some serious heavy duty mean anonymous commenters throwing rocks over there...) *everybody runs on over to Coconut Girls blog...with some more rocks...*

Bina said...

Thanks ladies :) Obviously, you are not guilty of the above comment crimes...obviously *cough* hehehe

Yes, Coconut Girl's blog was one of the posts that triggered this post. For those action-packed high-comment-traffic posts, I recommend hitting the 'Subscribe by email' button, get some popcorn and enjoy. Lol!

Lani Wendt Young said...

I didnt even know you could do that Bina. Thanks for the tip. Learning more every day from the computer pro's!

Teine Samoa said...

Bina, Am now immediately subscribing by email! Oh and too late Lani- threw stones there already... but just went to check if I needed to stockpile some more true in Matautu vs Apia style!

kuaback said...

Malo Lani said, you win the award for pro commentor hehehe. Hotdang...comments on coco keos adultery post are hilarious. Koekiki a fuss le mea lol

Coconut Girl said...

I agree. And right now I am so over commenting, and everytime I get a "ka ching" on my phone indicating a new comment on my blog, I'm thinking "Oh God NOW WHAT?!" Can't people just bloody read, laugh and click the farking X at the top of the window WITHOUT having to get on a pedestal and preach to me about why my husband should be in jail? If there's anyone who's gonna put him in jail, it'll be ME. And now I'm thinking "Omg did I just post and tell the entire cyber/faikala world that myself and spouse like to watch porn?" Ha.

Sorry. Didn't mean to rant here, but I needed a refuge lol...right before I go and post up my next let's-all-get-our-panties-in-a-twist story :)

Good day ladies x

Bina said...

CG - serves you right, you blog-fame-whore. LOL! And yes, I shall pray for you and CK re:your pornographic habits.

Keep the controversy coming! Just keep it off my clean and white-as-snow page :D